Who Watches Your Home Really Does Matter!

Some Seasonal Residents rely on a “Neighbor Doing a Favor” to look after their property. This can be a fatal flaw.

I recently met a home owner who did exactly that. Sure, the neighbor stopped by every now and again – certainly not on a regular schedule. She did not recognize the early signs of water damage; probably because she did not know where to look. By the time it was discovered, there was a leak that ruined all of the floors and mold started to grow throughout the house. The damage exceeded $25,000.00!

The home owners filed a claim with their insurance carrier. It is being disputed because the services of a professional company were not used. The claim may be denied.

To add insult, to injury, the refrigerator was filled with moldy food. The “Neighbor Doing a Favor” said: “You did not ask me to check the fridge.”

The home owner may have to pay for the entire remediation. The friendship is ruined.

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