Diane and the Dermatologist

 Several years ago, I started going to the dermatologist for regular checks.  Most of the time it is nothing. Once in a while, it is something little that needs to be removed.  This time, the irregularity was a bit more serious and required surgical exclusion.   

The doctor, and I, chatted during the procedure.  We are both from the Chicago area and have our love for the city, and our Midwestern roots, in common.

She asked about my work.  I thought for a moment and said it is just like her job:  My team and I make a comprehensive examination, looking very closely for anything that is even the slightest bit irregular.  If anything is out of sorts we take the proper action to prevent it from becoming worse.

She paused for a moment then smiled and said: “I know exactly what you do.”  And, she asked for some of my business cards so she could share my services with her friends and patients.