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Home Watch:  A great business, but it is not for everyone.

Many people believe that Home Watch is an “easy” business and, because they live in a home, they are qualified to watch over the homes of Seasonal Residents.  Home Watch is a REAL business and is perfect for those who are customer service oriented, self-starters, true professionals, and entrepreneurs.  It is not for someone who does not recognize the responsibility they are undertaking or the people who do not take it seriously.

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you know what you don’t know!

Introduction to Home Watch:  FREE Informational Seminars and Webinars are designed to give an overview of the home watch industry as well as the income potential. You will learn that Home Watch is a REAL Business that requires investment, business credentials, training, and commitment.  The myths and misconceptions will be debunked.  You will have the information needed so you will know if Home Watch is the right business for you.

The Home Watch Training Program is fee-based training that will accelerate your learning curve and kick-start your business.  Everyone’s expertise brings unique value to the home watch industry.  It is our job to teach you to see homes differently, think like a Home Watch Professional, recognize irregularities and early signs of damage, and to know how to respond when something does happen.  It is not a matter of IF there will be potential damage, it is a matter of WHEN.

The Home Watch Training Program addresses business fundamentals; conducting an exceptional home watch visit; tools of the trade; home watch contract; documentation and forms; and guest speakers from fields such as insurance, air conditioning, plumbing, disaster recovery and much more.



FREE Informational Webinar

Learn about Home Watch from the comfort of your own computer on a Recorded Webinar.  

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Home Watch Training Program

Naples, Florida

Thursday, August 29 through Saturday, August 31

Seats still available:  4



BabyBoomerBaby Boomers Build Booming Businesses!

The New Retirement Workscape: Florida Weekly – Week of July 3 – 9, 2014 Home Watch may be a GREAT business for many Transitional Professionals Read full FLORIDA WEEKLY article See FREE Home Watch Seminar Schedule



Watch This House

Sometimes, starting a small business can lead an entrepreneur to discover a much bigger idea. Consider Diane Pisani, who opened a company in Naples in 2006 called Your Home Watch Professionals. She quickly developed a following among seasonal residents who needed a professional to look after their second homes in Naples, but she couldn’t find anyone reputable to take on the overwhelming additional demand for her services… Read More >>


Your Home Watch Professionals in the News

Who is “Really” Watching your Home? “Think about this: You are turning the keys to your home over to someone,” she says. “That is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly.” Complicating the selection process is that there are no specific licensing requirements in Florida for home watching. But, of course, the home watcher should hold some sort of business license.

“Whoever you select absolutely should be a licensed business that is insured and bonded,” says Ms. Westphal, who is actively leading a drive to impose stricter standards on the industry.  Ms. Westphal conducts seminars called “Who Has My Keys” to inform the public and real estate professionals about what to demand from a home watcher. Read Full Article >>

HomeWatchTVHome Watch TV

Diane’s First Interview Diane Westphal, Founder of Your Home Watch Professionals shares stories and discusses the importance of hiring a qualified home watch company.

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