I was recently making a first time visit to a client’s new home.  He is in Europe and will not even be here to see the place until the fall.  I was outside locating the water main when the neighbor came to see what I was doing.  The conversation went like this:
Hi – what are you doing?
I am the home watch provider for this condo and am looking for the water main.
So, they hired you!  I do home watch around here.
I see.
Why are you looking for the water main?
To turn off the water. 
It should be off whenever the home is vacant.  Anything can happen:  A toilet can overflow.  A pipe can leak or even burst.  There is no reason to leave an empty home vulnerable.
But that is why we stop by – to see if something is wrong.
I have seen so much water damage in my career.  Did you know that a leak in a 1/4 inch ice maker supply line can pump up to 1 gallon a minute?  That can be 100 – 1400 gallons in 24 hours! A 3/8 inch line from a toilet can pump 2 – 3 gallons per minute.  
Do you drive people to the airport too?
No, we are not licensed or insured for airport transportation.
I suppose you have business insurance too.
Yes.  I am fully credentialed.  And the Affiliate Home Watch companies of Your Home Watch Professionals are trained, have incorporated businesses, are insured, bonded, passed a background check and take part in continuous training.
I guess you guys are the REAL DEAL.
Indeed, we are.AffiliateLogo (2)_clear background
leaking-toiletleak_at_sink leaking pipe