The Top Ways to Know You’ve Hired a Professional Home Watch Company

Price always matters and everyone loves a bargain. But, it is important to know exactly what you are getting for your money. Ask yourself the following questions to know if you’re getting your money’s worth from your Home Watch company and if your home is safe in their hands.

Is the price-per-Home Watch visit too good to be true?

Some Fort Myers, Naples, and Cape Coral Home Watch companies charge $15 – $25 per visit. These companies may even visit “as often as you would like” instead of a regular schedule. If someone offers a once monthly visit, think twice. Home Watch visits should be no less frequent than every 2 weeks. Seasonal homeowners should ALWAYS check their insurance policies very closely to check the requirements for the frequency of visits.

A proper Home Watch visit takes time and expertise. A Home Watch professional is trained to detect the early signs of damage and catch it before it becomes an expensive disaster. These companies will charge from $40 – $60 per visit for a Lee County or Collier County home for up to 4 water zones and more, for larger homes.

Is it your neighbor?

Home Watch is an interesting business. In our Lee and Collier County area, there is everything from highly trained professionals to “neighbors doing favors” who will look in on your home for free, dinner or a couple rounds at the Naples Grande Golf Club. The problem is that they might forget to look in, or their untrained eye might miss something resulting in damages that are far costlier than if they were detected earlier.

Is Home Watch their biggest strength?

There are businesses that offer Home Watch as an add-on service, maybe because their primary business is not so busy. But, what happens when their primary business bounces back? Will they make your Home Watch visit a priority or skip visits because they are too busy?

Is it a side business?

Some people start a Home Watch company (often not even a legitimate, legal, business) and only want to make some play money. They soon realize that Home Watch is a serious business and they are not charging enough to cover their expenses. Visits do not get made. Homes may experience damage. The business does not last. Low-cost Home Watch providers are out there.

Fortunately, there are true professionals that take Home Watch very seriously and treat it like a business.

Are they registered, insured and bonded?

A professional Home Watch company will have a properly registered company, are city and county registered, insured and bonded. All of our YHWP affiliates are verified to have insurance, county registration and have provided us with current background checks. (LINK TO AFFILIATES PAGE)

Do they have Home Watch specific training?

Just like you wouldn’t want to hire an electrician without training, your Home Watch company should have Home Watch specific training. Our YHWP Training not only covers early detection, and proper visit procedures, it also teaches Home Watch professionals to know how to respond when something does happen. 

Learn more about Your Home Watch Professionals’ Training 

Are they experienced and will they be able to handle any situation?

Even the most minor mold or water damage will cost thousands!! Early detection is the key to saving money.

Is there a contract between the homeowner and Home Watch company?

A contract is the sign of a company who wants to make sure that your needs are covered and theirs. It’s the sign of a company who has invested in their business to protect you, and themselves.

There are many ways to know that you’ve hired the right company. If you’re not sure you’ve hired the right one, make sure you ask your Home Watch company these questions before heading north this spring.

If you’re just beginning the process of looking for a reputable company you can check our directory of Your Home Watch Professionals’ Affiliate Home Watch businesses.