Home Watch Catch of the Day: Leaky Toilet

As Home Watch Professionals, our services are a bit intangible.  We exist to detect irregularities in the early stages – before damage becomes a disaster.  

Water damage is extremely common.  On Wednesday, I had an appointment with a rep from a local disaster clean up company.   She missed the our meeting because she was at a service call where there was water damage.  A condo owner had water dripping from the bathroom ceiling.  The neighbor, in the condo above, had a leaky toilet.  The neighbor is a Seasonal Resident and does not have a home watch provider.  Not only is there extensive damage in her condo, but now the neighbor has to deal with the inconvenience, cost of the clean up and file a claim on her own insurance policy. This damage could have been avoided if the Seasonal Resident turned off the water main when she left for the summer.  This neglect has caused a lot of heartache for her neighbor.

The next day, while making a home watch visit, I noticed stains in the grout, on the baseboard and around the toilet in the powder room of my client’s home.  Knowing this was a sign of water intrusion I took immediate action.  The contractor came over the same day, pulled the toilet, started the drying process and will replace the defective parts.  Minimal Damage.  NO Disaster. Very appreciative clients.



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