A Home Watch “No Show”

My husband, and I, were listening to music last evening and met a delightful brother and sister visiting from the UK. As we chatted a bit they shared that their parents have had a home, in Naples, for many years. They arrived last week to find their home exactly as they left it several months ago: Towels that were on the floor, other laundry that was not washed, items in the fridge, etc.. Money was on the counter, intended for the Home Watch Provider who never showed up the entire time. There was even a small leak from one of the water supply lines. Very fortunately, the air conditioner worked and they did not come home to any mold or more extreme damage.

Every year, at this time, I hear these stories again and again. Sometimes the results are tragic. There are people who will return to water damage and homes destroyed by mold. We will get new clients because of this. But, it is not the way we want to meet our new clients!

It is simple: A vacant home simply cannot be left unattended. Damage can and will happen. It is not a matter of if. It is a matter of when.

Home Watch is a real business. Your Home Watch Professionals is comprised of a team of independently owned and operated home watch businesses. They are TRAINED, TESTED, and TRUSTED.

We are the REAL DEAL. We will keep a watchful eye over your property and communicate with you after each visit.

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