“But I had someone looking after my home.”

I love bringing new clients on board.  But, it breaks my heart when I meet them after a disaster.  

As home watch gains more visibility, Seasonal Residents are aware of how it “should” be done.  In the past few days I received calls like this:

“I had someone who visited my condo on a regular basis.  They said there was a leak in the wall and the association took care of it.  This happened in August.  I just came back to Naples to find that no one took any steps to dry the condo and now it is filled with mold.  I had to hire a clean-up company and will need a contractor to make the repairs.  This will cost thousands.”

“The husband of the cleaner watches my condo.  He told me that it seemed warm.  He did indicate that I should be alarmed and I assumed he adjusted the AC setting.  He did not.  The AC was broken and, likely, did not operate for months.  Everything was yellow.  The rug padding melted onto the tile floor.  The smell was terrible.  It was a very expensive clean up and a costly lesson.”

“I give my home watch guy cash at the beginning of summer.  I never hear from him and trust him to visit and take care of my car.  If he was, my car would not have been filled with mold and the battery would not have been dead.”

When hiring your home watch provider, interview them.  Make sure they are insured, bonded and that they have a legal business.  Ask them about their training and experience.  Things can, will and do happen.  It is a matter of detecting an irregularity and knowing how to respond.