The Home Watch Training Program


Home Watch: A great business, but it is not for everyone.

Many people believe that Home Watch is an “easy” business and, because they live in a home, they are qualified to watch over the homes of Seasonal Residents. Home Watch is a REAL business and is perfect for those who are customer service oriented, self-starters, true professionals, and entrepreneurs. It is not for someone who does not recognize the responsibility they are undertaking or the people who do not take it seriously. Now that you watched the Introduction to Home Watch: FREE Informational Webinar, you are in a good place to determine if you want to take the next step and become an expert by attending one of our 3-Day courses, “The Home Watch Training Program”

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you know what you don’t know!”


The Home Watch Training Program is fee-based training that will accelerate your learning curve and kick-start your business. Everyone’s expertise brings unique value to the home watch industry. It is our job to teach you to see homes differently, think like a Home Watch Professional, recognize irregularities and early signs of damage, and to know how to respond when something does happen. It is not a matter of IF there will be potential damage, it is a matter of WHEN.


Summer 2020The Home Watch Training Program is new, improved, and consistently awesome! 

The Home Watch Academy, our eLearning platform, is being launched in three phases.


Phase 1:  One-day live classroom instruction at the training center in Naples, Florida.  The balance of the courses and the final exam to be completed online, at your own pace.
Phase 2: The complete Home Watch Training Program is live and available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. 
Phase 3: In addition to the Home Watch Training Program, the eLearning platform offers a variety of Courses, Vendor Resources, Home Watch Professional Community, Daily News, access to Client Presentation Forms, Property and Home Watch Agreement, Home Watch Huddles, Featured Instructors, Graduate Interviews, Professional Development, Mentorship, and much more!  
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