Shawn, Tina, and Daniel McCrillis

Shawn, Tina, and Daniel McCrillis
Shawn, Tina, and Daniel McCrillis
Trifecta Home Watch Services, LLC
2791 Three Oaks Parkway #776
Serving Seasonal Residents in Estero and Bonita Springs
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Trifecta Home Watch Services is the family business of Shawn, Tina, and Daniel McCrillis. This company was started because the demand presented itself.

Shortly after Labor Day in 2017, Southwest Florida was under a storm warning as Hurricane Irma approached. A neighbor asked Shawn if he would assist with storm preparations. After that, everything started to snowball where people were recommending him to their neighbors and friends. Soon people started asking Shawn if he did Home Watch. Frankly, he did not really know what Home Watch was all about and started to do some research.

Shawn found that Home Watch is a real business and that professional training was available. He invested in the Home Watch Training Program and Trifecta Home Watch Services was born. The family ethics and desire to be the very best home watch company they could be made investing in the training and proper credentials an easy decision.

The family is quite entrepreneurial having owned other small businesses like a nursery and lawn care company, an energy resource company, and operating a nutrition club. Tina also owned a nail salon for many years. The enterprising Daniel grew up shoveling snow in the winter and having lemonade stands in the hot summers.

The McCrillis family moved to Southwest Florida in the Summer if 2016. They came from a very small rural town in southern Illinois, where neighbors are always there for you whether it is for a celebration or pulling together when a tragedy hits. They certainly enjoy the warm Florida weather where Shawn can golf and Daniel can ride the trails on his mountain bike. Tina is definitely the glue that holds the family together and enjoys her trips back to Illinois to visit their daughter and 4 grandchildren.

The McCrillis Family watches over homes throughout Estero and Bonita Springs and you will find Trifecta Home Watch Services in communities like Grandezza, Wildcat Run, Pelican Sound, The Brooks and neighboring communities.   

Each Affiliate Business, of Your Home Watch Professionals, is independently owned and operated. They are insured, bonded, passed a background check and take part in continuous training.

  • Shawn, Tina, and Daniel McCrillis
  • Shawn, Tina, and Daniel McCrillis