Home Watch, the misunderstood service.

Home Watch – The Misunderstood Service

Seasonal Residents are starting to learn that home watch is a vital service.  Some insurance companies require it before they write a policy.  A damage claim may be denied if the homeowner left for an extended time and did not engage the services of a home watch provider.  Each season keys are given to Neighbors Doing Favors and Hobby Home Watchers who have no qualification other than living in their own home.  Homeowners are not even sure what is supposed to be done on a visit; they just assume that this provider knows what they are doing.  Often, this is not the case.  Often, expensive and avoidable, damage occurs.

Home Watch is about trust, communication, teamwork, pride, perfection etc.

Home Watch – The Beginning

An entrepreneur, and business owner, since 1986, Diane Pisani launched her first home watch company, with a business partner, in 2006.  Yes, Bob and Diane learned on the job as there was no resource for training at the time.  In 2008, when their book of business was filled and Diane started calling local home watch companies intent on finding some to refer overflow clients to, she found it almost impossible to locate a professional company that she could feel comfortable referring.

She started to hear lots of stories.  Some were of providers who waited until right before the client returned and then made a visit.  Others ranged from providers who actually moved into, or rented out, a client’s home in their absence to tales of a home watch person who made visits but did not recognize, or detect, damage that turned into a total disaster.  The stories are endless and some are downright jaw-dropping.  Her tales from Home Watch World make Diane a rather interesting guest at dinner parties!

Tools used in Home Watch checks of your home.

Home Watch – The Training Program

In 2009 Diane founded Your Home Watch Professionals with the intention of doing her part to establish best practices and bring a high level of professionalism to the industry.  The Home Watch Training Program offers comprehensive instruction in all aspects of launching, and operating, a home watch company.  The cornerstone of the training is The Exceptional Home Watch Visit which teaches individuals the method, systems, and fine points of the visit.  Many successful home watch business owners started with this program.

Home Watch – The Graduate Program

The Graduate Program is comprised of independently owned Home Watch businesses who are in business for themselves – not by themselves.  The business model is fashioned after the consortiums in the travel industry as well as the structure of many real estate companies.

The promise is that each affiliate completed the Home Watch Training Program, is insured, bonded, passed a background check and takes part in ongoing training as well as regular knowledge-based testing.  They market together, share resources and of course, make The Exceptional Home Watch Visit!

Many Graduates utilize the exclusive Home Watch Reporting Program Software powered by QRIDit Home Watch. Checklists are customized for each property. The software is GPS enabled and homeowners have proof of every visit, reports on the condition of the property, project updates, repairs, deliveries and more. They can access reports from anywhere, anytime, on any device from their own secure portal. It is the most advanced, and effective, reporting system in the home watch industry.

The Graduate Program also solves one of the biggest problems in home watch:  Plan B – or lack of a Plan B.  If your regular home watch provider has an injury, illness, death in the family, or another emergency, often the home watch visits are missed or an unqualified, uninsured, person has access to the home.   With the Graduate Program there are other, equally trained and credentialed, affiliates who can assist in a time of need.

Diane Pisani – Home Watch Educator and Advocate

Diane’s very early career was at Indiana Bell Telephone Company in her hometown of Hammond, Indiana.  In 1986 she started one of the nation’s first “cruise-only” travel agencies, at a time when there were fewer than 100 such companies in the country and yes, even before fax machines existed!  That career spanned over 17 years.  She moved to Southwest Florida in 2003 and worked at a wellness company, the Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort, as well as a brief time at a home watch company followed by managing the property services division at a rental agency before entering the wonderful, wacky, world of Home Watch.
She is usually calm, and even a bit reserved until she hears a story about a seasonal resident being taken advantage of or a business that misrepresents their services.  Diane makes every decision with the seasonal resident in mind.  This fuels her passion for expanding the home watch industry in a responsible fashion.

Diane has a common sense attitude and understands that people “don’t know what they don’t know, and what they don’t know can hurt them.”  This applies to seasonal homeowners as well as untrained home watch providers.  She is passionate about educating and sharing information so people truly comprehend what home watch is and what should be expected.

The Home Watch Training Program attracts dynamic, transitional, professionals ready to launch their own business.  Diane builds on their strengths teaching the precise method of the home watch visit.  She shares scenarios and stories to encourage, and develop, cause and effect thinking so they learn to think like a home watch professional. All aspects of launching, and operating, a home watch business are covered.  She shares her knowledge and draws on her home watch experience as well as her 30+ years as an entrepreneur and business owner.


Professional Organizations and Affiliations

International Home Watch Alliance, LLC

ESOA: Entrepreneur Society of America

The Above Board Chamber

PLAN: Professional Leadership Academy Network

Bonita Bay Professionals

WCR: Women’s Council of Realtors – Naples on the Gulf

NABOR: Naples Area Board of Realtors

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