Lara Bargar and Candie Herte

Lara Bargar and Candie Herte
Lara Bargar and Candie Herte
SW Florida Home Watch Services
Serving Seasonal Residents Fort Myers and Estero
Coming from a military family, Lara, owner of SW Florida Home Watch Services has spent more than 30 years serving her community and its citizens, while her husband and son served their country.  Since her husband’s retirement from the US Marine Corps, they have found themselves settling in Southwest Florida where an aging family has brought them.  Lara‘s professional experience is Commercial and Residential Real Estate with a strong focus on Property Management and Client Asset Management.  
Lara is a licensed Broker Associate in Real Estate in both the states of Florida and Georgia, where she understands the importance of quality property management and trained home watch professionals.  In her career, she has managed more than 2 million square feet of real estate assets and oversaw tenant build outs and construction projects.  Her ability to focus on the details, balance multiple projects at once, and masterfully get things done timely and with the utmost satisfaction has afforded her great success in her career.  Lara‘s knowledge and experience in the property management field have exposed her to many scenarios where she knows what to do, who to call and how to get done what needs to be done with a cool and level head.  This experience qualifies SW Florida Home Watch Services as an excellent home watch company.  
Lara met Candie shortly after arriving in Southwest Florida and found she and Candie were compatible business associates who had similar visions and values.  Their friendship and business relationship is unparalleled.  Candie and her husband also settled in Southwest Florida in 2015 and bring a plethora of experience and expertise as former owner-operators of a well-known Wisconsin Ski Resort, Little Switzerland.  Candie is a talented artist with her artwork showcased as far away as Korea and Italy.  She also has a beautiful singing voice and enjoys singing gigs in and around the local area.  
Their partnership in forming SW Florida Home Watch Services brings both ladies vast experience and skills together to do what they love to do – serve others and ensure their fellow neighbors receive the best quality home watch service that Lee County has to offer.  Two midwest girls with a strong work ethic, providing unmatched service to their clients – recognizing damage before it becomes a disaster.  The results are your peace of mind that your home is in trained and trusted hands!
SW Florida Home Watch Services serves Lee County, most specifically the Treeline to Six Mile Cypress Daniels Parkway Corridor, including but not limited to Paseo, Reflection Isles, Danforth Lakes, Cross Creek, Colonial Country Club, Pelican Preserve, Marina Bay and Gateway communities.  
Each Affiliate Business, of Your Home Watch Professionals, is independently owned and operated.  They are insured, bonded, passed a background check and take part in continuous training.
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